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Introducing R.I.S.E.

R.I.S.E., was created to help businesses establish rapid growth by providing strategic expertise and clear-cut execution. R.I.S.E. encompasses 6-key areas of examination, system development, and measurement that are custom-fit to your existing business and enhance what's working while helping you eliminate what isn't. 

R.I.S.E. isn't just a play on words; it has relevance and depth that speaks to the critical action points necessary to ensure business growth.

Primary Focus and Components

What R.I.S.E. Means

There's more to R.I.S.E. than just a fun play on words. The program is customized to meet the needs of each client - focusing on four key areas of growth that enable your team to achieve their long-term goals. 


The first focus of our program consists of rallying key stakeholders to identify and cast a vision that aligns with realistic and powerful goals - from revenue to personnel.

The second focus of our program is identifying and creating a plan that everyone is invested in - evaluating systems, personnel, and programs to ensure that all of the company's investments are well spent and will yield results.

The third focus of our program is to build strategies and infrastructures that are measurable and easy to evolve in the support and pursuit of excellence.

The fourth and final focus of our program is centered on taking your established accomplishments and positioning them effectively in the market that you're competing in.

Reviews of Our Program

Client Testimonials

We're proud to have worked with businesses that have their minds set on achieving sustainable success - and have done so by working with our teams. 

"They've worked alongside our marketing and sales departments to help them understand how to modernize our systems, implement a CRM, leverage advertising dollars more effectively, and unite everyone as a team."

john lines

John Lines

CEO & President

"Market Rising completely revamped our GTM, sales, and marketing from playbooks, website, lead gen, scripts, and more. They are output-focused and deliver impactful and quality work that truly moves the needle."

matan headshot-1

Matan Atias

Head of Partnerships

"Market Rising is the best! They've transformed our entire startup's marketing department for the better. What would have taken our team over a year to do, they did in just a few months."



daphne mclarty

Daphne McLarty


Program Outline: The Six Stages of R.I.S.E.

R.I.S.E.’s Six-Stage Program outlines the path to success for businesses that want exponential, consistent, and intentional growth. To accomplish your goals - even after our team has completed the program with you - the following stages are required for clients to complete the R.I.S.E. program.

Stage 1: Discovery & Vision

We will meet with you to discuss your existing business. This includes spending time with the executive leadership team and then with primary management team members.

Our goal is to identify key stakeholders, understand responsibilities, and identify areas for growth. After this initial evaluation, we will work with your executive leadership team to create and cast a vision for your organization. 

Stage 2: Creating Assignments

Your Market Rising consulting team will be assigned during this phase, allowing you to put faces to names and backgrounds and begin building your plan of action together.

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to consulting and strategic implementation, which is why your dedicated team will work closely with you and those at your business to understand people, programs, and systems. 

Stage 3: Resources Build Out

We will create an operational systems plan with executive and management team members.

Our goal in this stage is to ensure that our RPRS methodology is implemented to allow for all projects to be supported appropriately.

If more resources are needed to support operational systems and plan changes, we will work with you to find and source those resources at no additional charge.

Stage 4: Programs Creation

We will create and layer programs within a provided operational infrastructure. This will include an extensive evaluation of your marketing, advertising, sales activities, and team members.

You will be given a complete GTM plan for your sales and marketing teams at the discretion of your Market Rising consulting team. These plans will be worked on with the leadership that oversees each department.

Stage 5: Implementation

We will begin implementing all action items, assets, programs, and processes resulting from the above stages.

During this time, we will also work with your executive and leadership teams to help identify how to evaluate and measure results.

If any system or program changes need to be updated or changed, they will be completed during this period with the collaboration and cooperation of impacted team members.

Stage 6: Playbooks and Launch

The final stage of the R.I.S.E. program consists of documenting and providing your business with playbooks that explain and outline all systems, processes, and programs implemented by Market Rising.

All items will be fully launched and carefully handed over to your team for continued management during this period.

Rapid Development and Growth Program

Get Started and Apply Now for R.I.S.E.

To join the R.I.S.E. program, an initial 30-minute interview will be required to formalize admission. Please fill in your contact information below and a member of our team will reach out to you to schedule your appointment with a Senior Consultant.

Need more information?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the R.I.S.E. program?

Expect to invest a minimum of 6 months in the R.I.S.E. Program. The length of the program depends on the complexity of the business and the requirements set by both parties.

How much does it cost to enroll in R.I.S.E.?

Pricing to participate in the program is very straightforward and based on the size and complexity of your business. If you are considering R.I.S.E. for your business, plan to invest a minimum of USD 30,000.00 to take part (estimated based on the minimum cost of a 6-month program). Companies that provide services or create products supporting U.S. Veterans, First Responders, or Constitutional Liberties are eligible for discounted program costs.

Can I set up a payment plan to pay for the R.I.S.E. program?

A custom quote will be provided for each client with the total cost of the program and the expected timeline of completion. Payments are expected to follow the outlined payment schedule:

  • 50% of the total cost of the program is due 1-week before starting the program
  • 25% due at the end of the month of completion for Stage 3
  • 25% due 1-week before the end of the month of completion for Stage 6

There are no exceptions for this payment schedule. We accept payments in the form of ACH and Credit Cards, applying a 2.99% processing fee for all credit card payments.

How will the program work?

Our job is to provide you as a business with the tools and support needed to effectively and successfully scale. Whether or not the program yields positive results depends on the honesty, collaboration, and participation of those involved in your organization.

Can nonprofits participate in this program?

Yes. Nonprofit organizations can participate in the R.I.S.E. program, and the enrollment of any nonprofit in the R.I.S.E. program is at the discretion of the leadership team at Market Rising. We reserve the right to refuse program enrollment to any nonprofit for any reason. Nonprofits that focus on supporting U.S. Military Veterans, First Responders, and/or Constitutional Liberties will receive a discount on their total program cost.

Are there companies that aren't eligible?

Yes. We work with and have worked with many companies across various industries; however, we do not work with all, such as:

  • Startups that are not backed by Venture Capital and/or do not have an accountability structure in place (do not have a Board of Directors or Investors that executive team members are held accountable to)
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) Companies (aka - companies that offer software licenses/access to businesses on a per seat, monthly recurring revenue basis)